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What is Joggerz?

Joggerz Move-to-Earn application where users are rewarded in $GER by walking, jogging or running. By combining blockchain technologies with our daily activities, we offer a fun and rewarding way for everyone to enjoy their daily activities while being rewarded.
Moreover, our users do not need to have deep knowledge about NFTs. Joggerz focuses on user-friendliness where anyone can start earning rewards with no struggle. Our goal is to include everyone in this new journey to change how we exercise.

Why blockchain in physical activities?

Physical activity is essential to maintain a healthy life as it provides several benefits such as improved brain health, reduced risk of several diseases, and strengthening of bones and muscles.
Based on a report from the World Economic Forum, on average, 86% of adults around the globe practice some sort of physical activities. Running being the second most commonly practiced physical activity among adults, only behind fitness.
As such, our goal is to increase even further the number of people practicing physical activities. More importantly, running has one of the lowest entry barriers. Anyone who wishes to run only needs a pair of shoes. By combining one of the easiest activities with blockchain, we are able to provide a fun way for people to join our journey for a healthier world.