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Pants and Jackets

NFTs will come in two types: Pants and Jackets. To earn rewards in the running mode, each user must to equip NFT and regardless of its type player only can equip one in a time. However, if a user owns two NFTs, it will increase the maximum limit of daily rewards as well as the earning speed.
The first sale of our NFT is scheduled on first quarter of 2024 and will be sold on Joggerz' website. Following the initial sale, Joggerz NFTs will also be tradable on one of the top-tier NFT marketplace and our own.

Pants & Jackets

Joggerz’ equipment has a quality and rank system. The greater the quality and rank, the more rewards will be rewarded to the users. Pants stats focus on the distance run and jackets for speed. Pants are ideal for runners that run long distances, while jackets are the best choice for users who run fast at short distances.