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Privacy and Security

Joggerz adheres firmly to the privacy policy, requirements, and guidelines set by the Apple and Google as the leading privacy policy innovators. As it is our priority to maintain the privacy within the platform, third party products, services or practices that we do not own or control, it becomes the user’s full responsibility of doing.
The privacy policy includes and covers personal information such as name username, password, IP address, genders, email, even date of birth that are received in connection or through our platform is the subject of Joggerz strict rules on confidentially. These personal information is merely used for our platform to function at your service, such as detecting physical movement, locations, verifying action and minimizing other people to misuse the account that does not belong to them.
Joggerz will never ever direct messages or delivers you links or harmful action taken in order to enjoy our platform. every user needs to be cautious of such digital fraud, and should always be aware of scammers that target your wallets, tokens and ownership of your items (NFTs). However, if any possible interference happens that interfere your privacy, please contact us at the mentioned official email and numbers. It is our responsibility to take complaints seriously because every user has the right to refer complaints.
This privacy and security section is a subject of continuous or unannounced change. Thus, we reserve the right to make such changes without any notice beforehand. Please make sure to keep updated of our policy.
Last modified 6mo ago